A master tailor from Italy will even travel to your doorstep

Made-to-measure is a great alternative to the ill-fitting off-the-rack suits you wore when you were in college. But even made-to-measure has a sell-by date – usually around the time when you go from employee to employer. When you’re the boss, what you’re really looking for is bespoke.

Earlier this year, Italian menswear titan Ermenegildo Zegna opened its first bespoke atelier in Milan that’s dedicated to creating ultra high-end suits, shirts, shoes, knitwear, and sportswear too if you’re big on athleisure.

bespoke suit

While Zegna has a solid history in the made-to-measure space that dates back to the Seventies, it was the appointment of Alessandro Sartori as the brand’s artistic director last year that set it on a path of bespoke. Towards the end of last year, he initiated a bespoke shoe service from Zegna at its London flagship store. Earlier this year, Sartori decided to go the distance by opening up the Bespoke Atelier in Milan.

A master tailor named Angelo will be on hand at the atelier that’s disguised as a workshop-cum-apartment with a discreet entrance for those who need privacy during their visit. For the mega rich and famous clients, Zegna will even fly its tailor internationally to their doorstep for one of the most exclusive bespoke tailoring experiences that money can buy.

Zegna bespoke atelier

Zegna’s Bespoke Atelier in Milan

It takes on an average up to 75 hours to tailor a bespoke suit and at least four meetings with the master tailor to get the measurements spot-on. According to Zegna, clients will be able to select from 900 fabrics for suits, overcoats and jackets, and over 230 fabrics for its shirts – most of these come from the Zegna Lanificio wool mill in Trivero, Italy.

While a made-to-measure suit starts at around $1,000, a bespoke suit can set you back anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000, even more depending on your choice of fabric and levels of customization. There’s a reason that they call you the boss.