This ain’t right, but it ain’t wrong either

For those of you who missed it, the iPhone X launched in the UAE on November 3 and as expected, Apple fans went all-out to get their mitts on Apple’s limited-edition anniversary iPhone. The National even reported that a number of enthusiasts even flew in from different countries – some flying for as long as four hours – just so that they can get in line outside Dubai Mall’s Apple Store.

And why wouldn’t they? As we told you just after the device was unveiled, this is the most important iPhone Apple has made since the 5S. It was even given that legendary “one more thing” treatment.

Notice how we chose our words rather carefully? We’re not lying, this is the best phone Apple has made. Whether it’s the best phone out there is up for debate. Apple’s frenemy in the smartphone world, Samsung, has come out swinging with an ad that not only takes a dig at the iPhone X but every other iPhone in the last decade. Take a look:

A few things we’d like you to pay attention to:

  • Apple’s storage problems in 2010.
  • Apple phones lagging behind in terms of water resistance. Throwing the phone into a container filled with rice was a zinger though.
  • The dig at Apple’s lack of a headphone jack and the cables required to make up for that inconvenience.
  • The Samsung device charging wirelessly
  • And lastly, after the protagonist makes the switch to Samsung, he spots an Apple fan sporting a hairdo inspired from the iPhone X’s infamous notch — the unsightly black bar at the top of the screen.

Why you shouldn’t care about the rivalry

Yes, Samsung has only chosen to look at features that suit it best here, but you have to admit, the ad is funny. Don’t be offended if you’re an Apple fan and certainly don’t get smug if you’re a Samsung fan either, here’s why: Apple and Samsung are just using you. Think of it as an episode of Big Brother with Apple and Samsung being the two biggest celebrities in the house.

They just want to ensure you remain invested and interested in what they have to offer.

If the two companies really hated each other, they wouldn’t work together to create the iPhone X. Yes, you read that right. You see, Samsung is the brains behind the most crucial ingredient of the iPhone X: the screen. In fact, Samsung – one of the world leaders in OLED display technology – is set to make around $110 per each iPhone X sold. That’s more than 10 per cent of the iPhone’s retail price going to Samsung’s bottom line.

Wait, here’s some more news to drop that jaw even further: According to Counterpoint Technology Market Research conducted for The Wall Street Journal, Samsung is poised to make $14 billion thanks to Apple’s iPhone X. To put that into perspective, Samsung is only estimated to make $10 billion in profits from its own Galaxy S8 devices over that same span, which means the iPhone X is making Samsung more money than the company’s own flagship. So, just enjoy the show.