A non-invasive treatment for hair loss

Gone are the days when we had to resort to a hair transplant for noticeable results. When I first heard of a hair clinic on Jumeirah Beach road that uses non-invasive treatments – literally just a solution and shampoo – to promote hair growth, I knew that trying it out was a no-brainer. After researching Lars Skjoth, founder and head of research and development, I realised this method was probably the answer to those typical “Dubai questions.” You know, the ones where we ask our friends and colleagues how to avoid hair loss, whether we should wash our hair with mineral water, and whether or not we really need to install a filter?

We jumped at the chance of reviewing Harklinikken, which began with a consultation with Skjoth himself. His discovery, in 1994, led him to creating an effective hair loss treatment for those with hereditary hair loss. That’s all we needed to hear. The treatment, customised to each client’s needs, was first created in Denmark, with clinics opening thereafter in the United States, Germany, Iceland, and most recently, the UAE. Here’ a thorough review of the treatment, starting from the initial consultation:

November 2017

After a quick chat on hair washing habits and maintenance, the scalp was quickly examined for bald spots and patches of thinning hair. The hairline was then examined carefully, after which, photos were taken for file-keeping (before and after pictures). The solution was prescribed few minutes later – an extract and shampoo. I was asked to shake and mix all the ingredients together and place the extract on dry hair with a syringe. 3ml (twice) was the amount to be used, leaving enough time – approx. 30 minutes –  for the first dose to be absorbed by hair follicles. From experience, it’s best if you have a friend or partner who can really massage the solution into the scalp. I was also asked to place the treatment from the temples to the centre – due to thinning. This was kept overnight and washed with the silky shampoo the next morning. The treatment must be applied daily, and followed with a wash the next morning.


December 2017

My hair looked a bit scanty, perhaps because I wasn’t used to washing it daily. However, the results proved otherwise. My hair loss decreased, no dryness or irritation on the scalp was noticeable, and there was a substantial amount of new hair – especially along the hairline. Furthermore, my hair’s texture felt softer, even at the ends. The formula changed for the consecutive months, to include a stronger extract to boost hair growth while treating the condition of the scalp.


March 2018

Starting from the corner of the hair line to the eyebrow level, there was a drastic change in hair growth. The scalp line was brought forward slightly, thanks to new hair that was visible to the naked eye. The crown seemed slightly dense too. From here on, the treatment changes a bit from shampooing every day, to adding a little water on the head along with the serum. The longer the treatment is placed on, the better. A hair cream is also added in for a little hold, making the hair not only hydrated but the appearance of a fuller head of hair too.


July 2018

Six months into the treatment and my hair is much thicker. Plenty of hair-growth is visible on the hairline and the quality of hair is noticeably better too, with weak hair being pushed out to make way for the new. I was asked to continue with the same treatment, shampoo and conditioner for hydration.


The verdict:

If you are looking for a permanent solution to treating hair-loss, without placing bets on your filter or any other home-remedies, this is definitely a sustainable option. You will notice plenty of baby hair, with drastic improvement in overall hair texture.


Need to know:

The consultation is Dhs580, while check-up visits are Dhs375. The products are available from Dhs155.

Visit harklinikken.com or contact +9714 344 2557 for more information.