The service: Fillers

The verdict: Upon going through the Instagram feeds of certain models, make-up artists and celebrities, the most noticeable element is their plump, luscious lips. It seems as though filled-out eyebrows are now a thing of the past. When we were given the opportunity to meet with Dr. Malcolm Paul, a celebrity plastic surgeon from Beverley Hills, and treat ourselves to literally anything on his service list, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to obtain that perfect pout.

La Vie Clinic can best be described as a hybrid between a salon and a clinic. The minimalist décor in the lobby leads to clinical-style treatment rooms boasting a soft green tone. Before the treatment, Dr. Paul and I sat for a casual chat where he explained the procedure, the fact that he needed to fill my lower lip a third more than the above, and would be filling in the entire lip and upper lip area to smoothen out certain creases. To begin the treatment, local anaesthetic was applied to numb the area, after which, I was pricked four times – two near the nose and two slightly below the lip. As you wait for the numbing effect to kick in, chatty Dr Paul cracks a few jokes to calm the nerves. Unsurprisingly, I had plenty to inquire about his career. The main question, however, was which celebrities had he worked on? “Oh, I’ve worked on a number of celebrities, but I won’t be able to disclose any information – neither whom nor what they did,” he tells us. I soon find out that Dr Paul doesn’t disclose any patient’s treatments.

Once the area was numbed, the filling process began, with Dr. Paul injecting hyaluronic acid – a substance naturally present in the body – to plump the lips and smoothen out folds, which I previously disregarded as laugh lines. I stopped counting the number of pricks after it went over ten, but to be honest, despite what I imagined, it didn’t hurt at all. As he went about the process, he began chatting about the different procedures popular in LA such as Buccal fat removal – a surgical facial contouring procedure – and reconstructing of the jawline.

I ran to the mirror once done to admire my newly de ned lip line and lips. Dr. Paul was kind enough to let me know that I could come back for a complimentary re-fill to use the remaining substance that had been name-tagged and kept aside. We went on to speak about music and quite a few topics before I learnt about his schedule. He is a busy individual, flying straight to Dublin (where he is a Clinical Professor of Surgery), and then back to the US for multiple treatments. He’s clearly in demand, so make sure to book ahead of his next visit. As for me, naturally, I stepped out and took a picture to post on Instagram – clearly, no disclosure needed here.