The service: Colon Hydrotherapy session

The verdict: Cleansing of the colon isn’t a very glamorous topic to speak about, but it’s a significant one. I’ve been feeling bloated for months, and found that even though I eat my five a day, drink plenty of water, and consume foods that boost metabolism, nothing seemed to work. After extensive research, I realised the lack of results was probably due to a clogged colon. I met with Dr. Asha Jones to speak further and found out that usual symptoms can range from indigestion and constipation to sever migraines and serious cases wherein you feel nauseous because your body can’t digest food. She also mentioned that even though I was eating well the last few weeks, it wouldn’t show because my metabolism was sluggish.DUBAI HERBAL & TREATMENT CENTRE_roomThe treatment starts off with the insertion of a lubed pipe into your bottom, to allow pure filtered water to gently wash the colon. Dr. Asha did warn me of the discomfort factor once the large intestine was filled with water, and it did hurt a bit, however wasn’t excruciating. To describe the pain, it’s sort of similar to a slight diarrhea burn. The water is then flushed out into the machine, where you can see all the toxic matter built up in your system exiting the passage. The treatment takes place over 45 minutes really cleansing all the bacteria from the system while hydrating the intestine. If you suffer from food intolerances/allergies, gout, skin disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, pre-menstrual tension, and chronic fatigue, and need a little assistance with weight management, this colon cleanse is an absolute must every six months. I left feeling flatter – no exaggeration here – and lost around 1kg right after the session. I was told to continue my cleanse with a juice fast and a little exercise, since I wanted to achieve further weight loss.

Need to know: Dhs600 per session. Visit or contact +9714 335 1200