A list of the top wealth managers across the globe

1. UBS

2017 AUM: $2.4 trillion

AUM Growth (in U. S. Dollars) 16.86%UBSUBS was founded in Switzerland and has headquarters in Zurich and Basel. Recognised globally as one of the best public financial companies, this multinational corporation has provided financial services and advice to clients ranging from private, public and corporate entities. From wealth management, to more personal banking, asset management and investment banking, their services are extensive. Lucrative opportunities for its shareholders (in 50) are just one the many perks. World renowned, the company recently (in 2012) celebrated one of their biggest achievements to date, their 150th anniversary. More recently, UBS launched a global campaign that promoted the firm’s transformative beliefs and directive headway for their ever-bright future. Catering to their employees, the launch commenced with an internal campaign within the bank that spanned a long 90 days, which was then followed by a more external campaign. That same year, UBS proved itself not just reliable but environmentally friendly too – by being one of the 195 participants that pledged at the COP 21 summit agreement in Paris to reduce carbon emissions.


2. Morgan Stanley

AUM: $2.23 trillion

Growth Rate: 14.1%Morgan StanleyMorgan Stanley is an American investment banking company that has, for over eight decades, delivered the best banking and financial investment experience possible. This company has transformed into one of the world’s top wealth management institutions in the world. Their integrity and creativity has long since culminated with advisors managing over $2 trillion in assets. Morgan Stanley delve in and out of global economy and markets in order to best advise you, from retirement planning and pension funds, to arranging mortgages for home-buying and improving your monthly cash-flow, their expertise are varied and precise to best suit your lifestyle choices.


3. Bank of America

2017 AUM: $2.2 trillion

Growth Rate: 11.87%Bank of AmericaThe Bank of America is the second largest banking and financial services corporations in the United States of America by assets alone. The large corporation is strangely personal in their business, catering to individuals (like teenagers), small and middle market businesses and large corporations, providing you with full range banking, investing, asset management and other risk management services. This company teaches you all the smart moves you need to know, in order to conserve spending through illustrated articles and videos. This well-rounded company is thorough in its introduction to stocks and investment, and gentle in its guidance on the market exchange and global economic challenges. Bank of America works in an easy to comprehend way, explaining and nurturing prospective individuals who may be struggling financially, while getting them to understand their loans, debts and how to go about it all.


4. Wells Fargo

2017 AUM: $1.9 trillion

AUM Growth (in U. S. Dollars) 10.61%Wells Fargo banking servicesWells Fargo is one of the rare community-based financial banking services out there. Firmly family-and individual-based, the company has a vision to satisfy and succeed their customers financial needs thoroughly, through a range of services. From advice on loans to building your retirement savings, investment, and mortgage services, Wells Fargo does all the work for you. The company has an annuities centre meant to protect retirement savings, and works closely with businesses to form long-term achievable goals. Last year, Wells Fargo ranked 25th on Fortune’s 2017 rankings of America’s largest corporations. Yet despite its size, it pays attention to each and every customer, protecting you from fraud, while teaching you the basics. This company is all about the little things that go a long way.


5. Royal Bank of Canada

2017 AUM: $907.88 billion

AUM Growth (in U. S. Dollars) 15.43%RBCAnother community-based bank is the Royal Bank of Canada, a multinational Canadian financial services company. The largest bank in Canada by market Capitalisation; this bank welcomingly serves over 16 million clients and has over 80,000 employees worldwide. Modern services offered make it tempting for all, with one-swipe payments through the app, checking up on your account balances, transferring money from account to account, paying your bills, or sending money fast for the best rates. Everything is in one place. All accounts are insured for CD100,000.


6. Credit Suisse

2017 AUM: $792.02 billion

AUM Growth (in U. S. Dollars) 18.29%Credit SuisseLike UBS, this multinational company was founded in Switzerland and is headquartered in Zurich. Credit Suisse is a globally recognised credit company that advises mainly on investment but also on balanced wealth management and emerging markets globally. And although this company spans across 50 countries, they focus on the local Swiss economy and markets with care. Credit Suisse is passionate about giving back to the Swiss community and are invested in the national image of the country. They, like the rest of the world, are football fanatics. The bank has an entire section dedicated to their sponsorship and support of the team and their charitable efforts. Firmly football oriented, the company has established new precedent by creating a platform of exposure for not only the national men’s and women’s teams, but by also establishing a Credit Suisse Cup that children from around the country can compete in. A remarkable promotion of local talent, Credit Suisse has been a firm supporter of the Swiss Football Association (SFA) for 25 long years.


7. Citibank

2017 AUM: $529.9 billion

AUM Growth (in U. S. Dollars) 17.23%CitibankKnown as The First National City Bank of New York, Citibank provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a wide range of financial services and products. As one of the oldest banks to have been established in The Big Apple in 1812, this bank is smaller than most corporate banking services and is centred in America with a few scattered branches in Poland, Russia, Pakistan and the UAE. This multinational corporation is one of the first and few international banking companies to offer alternative Islamic banking opportunities. This resulted in a rise in members interested in following a different set of laws, when dealing with money. The company has partnered with Manchester City Football Club here in the UAE, providing financial aid to promote the team and create more opportunities for young people.


8. JP Morgan

2017 AUM: $526 billion

AUM Growth (in U. S. Dollars) 20.92%JPMorgan ChaseJP Morgan Chase & Co. needs no introduction. The firm and veritable think-tank spreads across a very impressive 100 countries to deliver the best, up-to-date changes and challenges from around the world. This company focuses on corporate finance advisory, institutional asset management and not-for-profit services. Their initiatives include funding book clubs, raising awareness and supporting environmental sustainability and strengthening communities around the world. In 2013, the philanthropic arm donated $210 million to non-profits. There’s no doubt they are serious about their Corporate Responsibility as a multinational firm.


9. Goldman Sachs

2017 AUM: $458 billion

AUM Growth (in U. S. Dollars) 10.9%Goldman SachsGoldman Sachs is one of America’s leading investment banking, securities and investment management firms that provides a wide range of services. Their wide client base receive the best, up-to-date information on global changes and plenty more. From financial aid and services and where their money goes, to hosting television directors intro dialogue on societal narratives and how to achieve financial well-being, Goldman Sachs is at the forefront of a dynamic multi-operational, multinational corporation. One extremely interesting and more current topic of conversation is the Launch with Gs campaign. The program invests in women making a chance in society. Goldman Sachs are one of the globally diverse companies that nurture and encourage their clients, guiding them in their finances to reach their goals.


10. BNP Paribas

2017 AUM: $436.75 billion

AUM Growth (in U. S. Dollars) 20.68%BNPThis French banking services group is an international institution leading Eurozone. Globally present across 73 countries and employing an impressive 198,011 employees, their services cover more than just the basic financial aid. From stock exchange to private tuition fee loans and creating a nest egg as a new family, BNP Paribas is there to guide you through it all. With chances to win cinema tickets, cars and luxury holidays, this company benefits its’ members.