Tapinator, the mobile game developer based in the US, have announced a blockchain fine-art app, BitPainting

The app is the recent addition to Tapinator Inc’s portfolio, focusing on blockchain-based decentralised applications that operate on Ethereum. BitPainting allows art-aficionados to purchase paintings at a cost that suits their budget and bid for stunning pieces via the auction. The most recent piece showcased at BitPainting’s inaugural auction, on May 31 2018, was Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi. This masterpiece further proved the app’s reliability and legitimacy towards items sold.

BitPainting also encourages investors to own a share of the $63 billion art market, through the initiation of the decentralised technology that’s predicted to mature in the future. Additionally, the advantage of using the app allows users to purchase digital, legitimate paintings without going through the hassle of the painting’s physical maintenance and logistics. Furthermore, other benefits include the security element involved, in terms of the authentication of buyers, sellers, and collectibles, as the use of the network safeguards all information.

With the launch of BitPainting, we’re guaranteed the app will open doors to a wider audience, now attracting the crypto-wealthy audience.

Sign up for early access at https://www.bitpainting.com