Mona Ataya, the CEO & co-founder of, wants to empower a whole generation of mumpreneurs

Tell us about yourself

I’m Palestinian but my siblings and I were born and raised in Kuwait which was a wonderful home for 16 years. I then moved to the US for college and work and have called Dubai home for the last 17 years.

Take us through your entrepreneurial journey before

The first decade of my career was spent working with some of the leading FMCG brands across the globe, starting at Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, USA, fresh out of college then with FMCG giant, Johnson and Johnson. It was in 2000 that my entrepreneurial appetite surfaced. I left Johnson & Johnson Europe and joined a startup team as the VP Marketing and Co-founder of – which is now the largest and most recognized recruitment site for the MENA region.

How did you realise a niche in the market?

As an entrepreneur and a mother of three boys, I experienced first-hand the challenges and frustrations parents face in shopping for their children in the region. Choice of baby products is limited, prices are high, quality is questionable and support communities are scarce. This represents a key problem for new mothers. Mothers are risk averse, they demand the highest quality products for their children and are price sensitive. They are also information hungry and want to be well informed with comprehensive information about what is available and choice so they can make informed, empowered decisions. This is what Mumzworld is all about – a place where mothers can find the widest choice at the best everyday low prices, the highest quality, comprehensive factual information and a community to tap into for support and inspiration.

What have been your major challenges till date?

Finding the right talent is one of the biggest challenges for us. The digital landscape is evolving rapidly and we need talent that is hungry and excited about the digital future and committed to ensuring Mumzworld’s place at the forefront of these evolutions. Mumzworld started as, and will always be, my passion project and it is essential that everyone working in the Mumzworld team shares this passion and drive for success.

Have you secured funding or gearing up for a round?

Yes, we secured four rounds already and are closing our biggest round to date imminently.

Any interesting launches rolling out this year?

Our vision for Mumzworld has never just been an e-commerce shopping destination for mothers – it is larger than that – it is to create a brand that is an indispensable online extension of a mother’s life through an e-commerce gold standard that challenges the traditional ways mothers have shopped. We are a customer obsessed organisation so all our initiatives this year are geared to making a mother’s life easier. Faster delivery, same day delivery, new exclusive line extensions, regional expansion, improved mobile experience, strategic partnerships so mothers can benefit more and enhanced community features are just some of the many exciting initiatives that we are working on behind the scenes and will be announcing this year.

Where do you see the brand in the next five years?

Where there is a mother in the Middle East, there is a Mumzworld mum. When you empower a mother, you empower a generation. That’s our goal.