The 62-metre Crystal Blue concept also has a shadow vessel that carries additional fuel

Rolls-Royce has unveiled a slick yacht concept called Crystal Blue. The 203-foot yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests and can be used for long-distance cruising as well.

There is no visible superyacht wheelhouse above the surface of the yacht. Instead, the captain will control the vessel from a cabin located below the bow. The room will be packed with screens, sensors and cameras. The place that the wheelhouse occupies in traditional yachts will be repurposed such that a two-storey glass-topped atrium that can be used as a dining space or seating areas in the foredeck.

The Rolls-Royce superyacht  is equipped with an intelligent dynamic positioning system that uses a GPS-guided system to keep the yacht stationary without having to drop anchor.

If you’ve ever seen Captain Philipps, you’d know that encountering pirates is a real danger that could cost you your life. Thankfully, Crystal Blue will have a “safe room” where guests can retreat to in case they are under attack. The crew can override the ship’s controls and navigate the yacht from inside the safe room to a position of their choosing. They can also authorize a shore-based centre to pilot their vessel to safety.

Rolls Royce crystal Blue superyacht

Crystal Blue with Blue Shadow, the LNG storage barge that can accompany the superyacht

A hybrid propulsion system will use a combination of battery power and LNG fuel. LNG is a cleaner variant compared to diesel which is traditionally used in yachts. The cleaner fuel means that the yacht will also be cleared to enter ecologically sensitive areas. Apart from being an environmentally friendly fuel, the use of LNG results in lesser vibrations compared to diesel powered yachts.

The drawback, and the reason that only larger commercial vessels use LNG, is that LNG requires a large storage area. To counter this, Crystal Blue will be accompanied by a 138-foot remote-controlled support vessel called the Blue Shadow which will serve as LNG storage barge. This will give the Rolls-Royce superyacht an impressive range of 4,400 nautical miles, up from 3,000 nautical miles should it decide to operate without Blue Shadow.

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