Get ready to dine in the dark in Dubai  

Are you afraid of the dark? Those with scotophobia may find Noire a bit unnerving. My dining partner and I, on the other hand, found it to be one of the most amazing dining experiences we’ve come across in Dubai and have been recommending it to friends and family ever since. Here’s why. You arrive at the pool bar where you are served a cocktail and are immediately put to the test to detect the ingredients. We scored 100/100, but can’t say the same for the three-course meal that followed.

The experience at Noire begins with the night vision goggle-equipped staff escorting each couple into the pitch-black setting. It is incredibly dark once you get in, and my dining partner and I admitted to never being in such a dark setting before. Your eyes take a few minutes to adjust to the setting and the team are kind enough to indicate where your glasses and the bread plate is for you to get an idea of placement.

First off, I’m glad I didn’t spill any food or beverage on myself or my dining partner’s white shirt – which by the way, is a terrible colour choice for this occasion. The one-and-a-half-hour long meal began with an appetizer that tasted like some sort of fish with carrot and crumble – we later found out it was tuna with apple cubes, spiced carrot puree, and tempura crumble. The guessing game is not only interesting but hilarious too. You get to hear every individuals’ opinions as they guess flavours – sounding like a professional taste tester –  only to discover later that their dream to make this a day job is doomed, for now at least. Wine is served with each course, and somehow, we guessed all three correct.

Noire Fairmont Dubai

The main course at Noire was incredibly delightful, confusing our senses as we tried to pick, feel and smell each little drop and pieces we picked up from our plates. The textures were similar to meat, with flavours showcasing mushrooms – got this correct – some sort of fried garnish, droplets of sauce, and greens. The dish was revealed later and we got almost 50 per cent correct. To put it simply, even though our assumptions were poles apart, the dessert was a mixture of sponge texture, ice cream, matcha, sesame seeds and crumble. Note, we didn’t disclose the complete ingredient list, as it is worth the sensory journey you will embark on. The big reveal takes place outdoors after the meal, where you giggle and quite proudly confirm the ones you got right. The presentation was perhaps what appealed to me the most, and admittedly, does play an integral role in a dish.

Everything was beautifully plated and I could only imagine the mess we may have all made, jumbling everything while testing. One thing is for sure, we didn’t miss snapping shots for Instagram and got to enjoy an exquisite intimate meal with chatter and laughs throughout.

Need to know: Dhs325 per person with parings. Call +971 4 311 8316