There aren’t many dining outlets in Dubai that offer a great teppan experience, and we love a good show. The double-storey Morimoto boasts an airy feeling with red lanterns, a widespread dining area that sprawls out onto the terrace, and a tree that runs through the centre of the restaurant – no one knew the significance of it though? My dining partner and I were ushered upstairs for a teppan show with the lovely Japanese head chef who explained every ingredient and how to re-create it at home if possible. The eight-course meal began with a cube of soy milk pudding with a dashi sauce that gave the dish umami, and slightly tangy, almost grainy textured sea urchin. This was followed by a thick piece of wagyu sizzled and cooked to medium rare right before our eyes. The chef rested the protein for a few seconds before slicing the marbled meat to thin slivers, topping each with pickled ginger, radish and chopped fresh wasabi – one of those dishes we wished would never end. Up next was a Dubai-esque dish in a bowl – chunky pieces of lobster sat atop vinegar jelly and mini juicy tomatoes. Not to forget, the caviar and golf flakes for pure indulgence. The ingredients meshed together perfectly, yet each one came through, being big on flavour. The next course was a meaty fish cake, presented in a bowl with ramen-like dashi broth poured all over – simple, clean flavours with herbs for a bite. We anticipated the shrimp, which can sometimes be a bit overcooked. Luckily, here it was cooked to perfection, with all the juices intact, and a slight crisp coating on the outside. The dish, once again, was beautifully presented on a bed of sautéed spinach, and topped with fresh saffron and sesame seeds. There’s more! These courses stole the show for presentation, flavour, and portion-sizes – an imperative element for my dining partner. Wagyu steak was sautéed and grilled, placed on a hot plate and topped with foie gras and a thick moreish sauce. On the side, we tucked into grainy fried rice with truffle to soak up the juices from the steak. For desserts, a divine crepe was served with a scoop of homemade ice cream.

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