Bringing the authentic churrascaria experience to Dubai is this American export with outlets across the United States, Brazil, and Mexico

This fine-dining Brazilian steakhouse nestled in DIFC is split into various sections, with a lunchtime dining area, bar, shisha terrace and dining room for dinner. Order a drink, grab a plate and head to the salad bar for an assortment of fresh veggies, cold cuts, cheese and fruit. Our plates were brimming with fresh artichoke hearts, papaya, chicory with blue cheese and walnuts, fresh salmon and salad leaves.FOGO DE CHÃO_saladWe opted for the Fogo Churrasco experience to get a taste of signature-cut fire-roasted meat served table-side. The minute our tab was flipped to the green side, a large skewer of filet mignon (tenderloin) was presented by the passadore. Tender, succulent and grilled to perfection. This was followed by Picanha (prime part of the top sirloin), our favourite, with a crisp coating and tender meat. Beef ribs, bottom sirloin, ribeye, prime rib, top sirloin, a fatty leg of lamb, shoulder and lamb chops, hump, and some of the juiciest chicken we have ever eaten. FOGO DE CHÃO_experienceEach meat was eaten with a side of homemade sauces, warm pao de queijo (cheese bread), crispy polenta, mashed potatoes and caramelised bananas. Since we were bursting at the seams, we skipped the fogo feijoada (traditional black bean stew with beef sausage) and rice, to save room for desserts. A contemporary spin is added to all-time favourites such as churros, with each churro ball filled with dulce de leche and chocolate.

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