Chef Mansour Memarian’s menu celebrates Persian food

Ever since it’s conception, Enigma has opened its kitchen to celebrated guest chefs starring Björn Frantzén and Quique Dacosta, to name a couple, for a one-of-a-kind alternating menu. That has all changed with the launch of a new concept by Chef Mansour Memarian, shedding light on Persian food with a contemporary twist.Enigma palazzo Versace DubaiGrowing up in Dubai, I’ve eaten Iranian food on several occasions. A platter of kababs with saffron rice and grilled vegetables was usually the meal, accompanied by a selection of condiments and freshly baked bread. At Enigma, the menu –  boasting Persian influences – is considerably more elaborate. Let me begin my stating the decor is quite sophisticated with a spacious dining room being lit up with wax candles, and lighting fixtures. The alfresco terrace beckons, blowing in a slight breeze as you turn to the direction of the palms and marina in the distance.Enigma palazzo Versace DubaiThe cocktails here are outstanding and we highly suggest opting in for a creative concoction. Whet your appetite thereafter with a warm barley soup with coriander and a drizzle of lemon (Soup joo), followed by the divine Masto Laboo (a yoghurt with beetroot and cumin) best scooped up with the fresh bread. This dish complements every other on the table. Another must-have is the classic Kashke bademjun, a mixture of grilled eggplant with fried mint and roasted onions.

For mains, kababs are a must – we opted for the tender, fragrant and lightly spiced beef tenderloin rolls with walnuts and sweet basil. The charcoal-smoked meat fell apart beautifully on the palette, and so did the minced lamb skewer with a drizzle of saffron. We also tried a hearty meat stew that was quite decadent, but nonetheless, mouthwatering with the tahdig (the crispy bottom at the base of the Persian rice).Enigma palazzo Versace DubaiFor desserts, the staff pulled out all the stops with a molecular gastronomy display by the table to create Falludeh. The flavours showcase glass noodles in rosewater with homemade syrups and saffron ice cream, however the texture, is not what you would expect.

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