Awani has it all, from the atmosphere and location to views of the beach and responsive service

The aromas of Levant fare wafted through the air and before we could get a peek at the menu, we were presented a simple, flavoursome warm cucumber soup. Even though it wasn’t cool, it instantly refreshed us upon arrival.awani main 01Hot and cold mezze are a staple on every Arabic menu. At Awani, the usual suspects are served with a contemporary twist. We opted for traditional tabbouleh with pineapple and pomegranate that infused a sweet touch, and our favorite, the crisp Othmaliya chicken balls stuffed with mixed nuts and halloumi cheese, which offered a marriage of textures in a melt-in-your-mouth cheese-oozing appetiser. To keep our meal balanced, we chose the Bomali salad with citrus-notes from the pommel, fresh mushrooms, iceberg lettuce and cheese.awani main 02Mains are always a hearty affair, and my dining partner and I ordered Kafta with tahini; a generous portion of grilled veal and lamb meat covered in a delectable tahini sauce and pine nuts, served with fried potatoes and chilli. A visit to Awani is incomplete without the shawarma – yes, shawarma. This is not just any shawarma. Here, the beef is Australian, marinated with the chef’s secret spice-marinade and served on a skewer as slices, with pickles, onions, tahini sauce and french fries on the side. The presentation of this succulent meat hanging on the skewer soon had the surrounding diners requesting the same dish. A meat-heavy meal calls for something sweet, and we were soon treated to chocolate kunafa with banana and pistachios, and the chocolate ball served with hot vanilla ice cream that’s poured over to reveal a sweet surprise.

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