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We create beautiful brands, bespoke publishing and digital platforms empower our clients, create results, and help them grow.


EQUITY LIFESTYLE Is a magazine that will allow us to share our creative vision with the public through photographs, articles or interviews. Blending creativity, business savvy, organization, and plans for the long term, are our main visions for relaunching the new EQUITY

Beauty and Wellness

BEAUTEOUS is a beauty and wellness magazine for women and men. We delved deeper into the world of well-being, fitness, nutrition and beauty that is not even limited to facial and body treatments. We also gave highlights to everyday-all-around self-care from cosmetics

Travel & Destination

HEADWAY We all have a dream that we could travel around the world one day. Traveling can relax oneself and refresh the heart. Some destinations are so popular that a large percentage of people travel to see them, while other places could offer just as much but without the

Music and Entertainment

RHYTHMICAL This publication provides all you need to know about underground music, musicians, venues, latest gadgets and so much more. The topics are unlimited and covers everything from music to video, from instruments to gadgets and of course: reviews, news

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