The Gatsby Bruch at DIFC is the kind of brunch DiCaprio wishes he had

Themed brunches make dining out all the more exciting. And while flapper dresses and Leonardo DiCaprio’s white tuxedo aren’t part of the dress code at this DIFC outpost, dressing for the occasion isn’t frowned upon either. Besides, who doesn’t love a Gatsby themed party? The sprawling venue in DIFC, offers a three-course menu beginning with freshly prepared appetisers brought to the table. Savour crisp dynamite shrimps, fried mac and cheese balls with a crunchy bite, pepperoni and margherita pizza, crisp tofu bao, chicken pot stickers dowsed in peanut sauce, a nutritious and refreshing beetroot salad with herb-coated goat cheese and hazelnuts, and chicken wings. You can re-order the starters as many times as you like.

However, we suggest leaving space for the next few courses, especially desserts. While every appetiser impressed in terms of portion sizes and taste, we have to say the signature dishes lacked originality, with usual suspects including miso-glazed cod and slow-cooked beef on offer. Other main course options looked enticing and innovative – judging from a quick peek at a neighbouring table – and include wok pepper beef and chicken, pasta, risotto and burgers.

That said, the hot skillet cookie dessert topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream was oozing with chocolate and instantly changed our perception of the brunch. If you prefer a less chocolate-y take on dessert, pick the light and fluffy tiramisu served in a glass. The brunch doesn’t really come to a close here, as most people drift away to the bar to sing along to upbeat R&B and hip-hop tunes, while indulging in happy hour specials.

Need to know: The Gatsby Brunch takes place every Friday from 1-4pm. Packages range from Dhs295, call +971 4 355 1111