Dubai is no stranger to immense record-breaking antics and this endeavour is no different. Sponsored by Red Bull and presented as Red Bull Curates – Jigsaw, renowned artist Guido Van Helten has created an enormous jigsaw made up of 63 containers measuring up to 135 meters long and 12 meters high. Currently the largest reconfigurable street art in the world, it comprises of 500 litres of paint, 18 days and 288 man-hours to complete. The resulting 207-ton art installation consists of a pair of eyes – a sight to behold near the Dubai Autism Rocks Arena on Al Ain Road. The artist interprets the containers as transient vessels with stories to be told. His masterpiece is proof and testament to his vision as an artist, and how he has come to realise that Dubai is not only a stopover city but a vibrant living arena with its own stories to tell.