The P400e PHEV became the first vehicle to be driven up the steps to Heaven’s Gate on Tianmen Mountain

Jaguar Land Rover is no stranger to audacious stunts. Every few months they come out with a theatrical event that showcases the performance limits of their cars. Last year, a Jaguar E-Pace set the Guinness record for the furthest barrel roll in a production car. In 2015, the Jaguar F-Pace broke a world record for the largest loop-the-loop.

We know that Land Rover’s Range Rover machines are purpose-built tough-as-nails off-road machines. Last year, JLR unveiled an electric version of the Range Rover Sport, the P400e PHEV. The machine can deliver 398hp and 640Nm of torque. As an electric vehicle, much of that torque is delivered instantaneously and relentlessly.

That’s exactly the combination that Range Rover required when it decided to take the P400e and drive it up the 999 steps to Heaven’s Gate located on Tianmen Mountain. The “Dragon Challenge” involved Chinese-Dutch Formula E-driver Ho-Pin Tung first driving the car full throttle up the Tianmen Mountain, navigating 99 hairpin bends along a seven-mile stretch before reaching the base of the steps.

Watch the video below to see how Tung became the first driver in history to successfully drive up to Heaven’s Gate.