An antique Chinese Qing dynasty vase has been sold at $19 million in France at a Sotheby’s auction

On June 12 2018, an ethnic Chinese Qing dynasty vase that was designed and created for the Qianlong Emperor – the ruler of China from 1736 to 1796 – was sold for $19 million (Dhs69 million) at the Sotheby’s auction house in France. Furthermore, after 20 minutes of competitive auctioneering, the 18th century vase was auctioned off to an anonymous Asian man.

The rare piece was initially set at $587,000 (Dhs2,156,198) as the guide, auction price. However, was sold in 20 times, making it the highest price attained for a single item tendered by Sotheby’s auction house in France. The magnificently detailed porcelain vase has been designed in various hues, with prints of a deer, mist-topped mountains and crane birds that have been beautifully etched onto the vase. To top it all, the neck of the 30 cm, bulb shaped vase, is embodied with gold embroidery.

Unfortunately, this treasure hasn’t seen the light of day until now, having spent most of its life in an attic. Amongst many other antique pieces, the vase was inherited and passed down ever since the 19thcentury. The valuable piece was stored away in a shoe box for decades, until finally discovered recently by a French family who sent it to the auction house. Sotheby’s received the vase in the shoebox wrapped with newspaper and were stunned to see the vase exceptionally well-preserved.

Olivier Valmier, an Asian arts expert stated, “The vase is now the only known example in the world bearing such detail”.