The Peace Boat Ecoship will harvest solar and wind energy as well as feature a five-storey indoor garden

Peace Boat is a Japanese non-governmental organization that undertakes cruises to provide aid to stricken areas as well as conducts educational and organizational workshops in the ports that they travel to each year. In 2009, it was even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

They typically sail on 80-100 day voyages thrice a year and carry approximately 1,000 passengers on each voyage. Now, they’re building an all-new 60,000 gigatonne vessel called the Peace Boat Ecoship which is poised to be the world’s greenest cruise ship.

Spanish firm Oliver Design has designed the Peace Boat Ecoship and it will be built by Finnish shipbuilders Arctech Helsinki Shipyard.

Peace Boat Ecoship

This eco-warrior will be capable of hosting 2,000 passengers and will have a total of 750 cabins. Each year it is expected to carry 6,000 passengers and call at up to 100 ports. At these ports, it will host exhibitions and workshops on green technology and generate awareness for climate change and green marine technology. It will also serve as a floating laboratory that will gather data from the areas it sails to.

There are ten retractable masts which will harness wind energy that will, in turn, be used for propulsion. The hybrid engine can also derive additional energy from liquefied natural gas and diesel to boost propulsion. Together, it is expected to save 20 per cent in propulsion load compared to a conventional ship of this size.

Apart from a 6,000 square metre top-deck solar farm, the retractable sails will also be covered in solar panels to capture solar energy. With the wind and solar energy, nearly 50 per cent of the vessel’s electric load will be delivered from renewable natural resources.

Peace Boat Ecoship

A closed-loop water system will ensure that the water used onboard isn’t discharged into the sea, but instead is purified and then reused onboard.

There will also be an exotic garden and a vertical farm that spans five storeys on the ship which will be fed by rainwater and organic waste generated onboard. This garden will also help in internal air purification.

Even the hull which resembles a whale will be coated with a non-toxic and anti-fouling material.

All of these measures means that the new Peace Boat Ecoship will have 30 per cent lower carbon emissions compared to conventional cruise ships.