Introducing the L’Astronomo Luminor 1950 Tourbillion Moon Phases Equation of Time GMT Titanio

This timepiece, a tribute to Galileo Galilei, is being touted as a fully customizable timepiece. These built-to-order watches allow customers to choose their case material, its finishing, Super LumiNova colours and the colour of the strap too. You no longer need to be satisfied with off-the-shelf variants that watch companies otherwise dole out by the dozen.

The skeletonized dial gives you a clear view of the tourbillon escapement and mainspring barrels. At 6 o’clock you’ll find the Equation of Time complication – it displays the difference between conventional time and the actual time (solar time). Geek alert: There is a difference between apparent solar time and mean solar time due to the earth’s non-perfect orbit around the sun and this difference is noted by way of the Equation of Time.

Meanwhile, the moonphase complication is displayed on the caseback. That moonphase doesn’t need any adjustment for the next 122 years and will show the phase of the moon accurately during this time. Apart from moonphase, this ultracomplicated wristwatch is packed to the hilt with other functions including a calendar, a sunrise/sunset display, a GMT and date system. It tells the time too. Price depends on customisation. Visit