Expect to see one on the road by 2025

Italian carmaker Pagani makes some of the world’s most beautiful hypercars, ferocious machines that are usually born and bred on the track. If you see one on the road, consider yourself anointed.

The eponymous brand was founded by Horacio Pagani 26 years ago and has continued to innovate since, keeping pace with other supercar manufacturers. Last month, in an interview with elTres TV, Horacio confirmed that they were working on their first EV. The announcement makes much commercial sense when you consider that countries around the world are beginning to legislate the end of combustion cars. In Norway, for example, by 2025 all new cars must be zero-emission vehicles. Also, others like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche, among others, are already building the next-generation of all-electric vehicles.PaganiHoracio has said that there is a team of 20 people already working on the EV project and they will bring the new electric car to market by 2025. That doesn’t mean that Pagani is going to stop manufacturing its gloriously fast ozone-layer-depleting combustion range of hypercars anytime soon – Horacio adds that they will continue to manufacture combustion-engine cars as long as there is a demand for it.

In fact, Pagani is reportedly building a successor to the Huayara – a car which has been around since 2012 – which will have a petrol Mercedes-AMG twin-turbo V12. Although the model won’t be a hybrid, it’s built on a technology platform that has minimized its emissions to pass strict emission standard tests like those in California and other parts of the world. The model will have the option of an automatic gearbox, as well as a completely manual gearbox.PaganiWhile Horacio is prepared to make the shift from combustion to electric, the one area which he isn’t prepared to compromise on is autonomous driving technologies. A typical Pagani buyer is always in the driver’s seat and not chauffeured around. Horacio knows better than to mess with the DNA of his brand.