The $1.6 billion Deira Mall is scheduled to open in 2021

Some of the Middle East’s most prolific malls are already based in Dubai. From the sprawling Dubai Mall spread over 12 million square feet making it the largest shopping mall in the world and the Mall of the Emirates which has its own ski slopes to the Ibn Battuta which celebrates the diversity of the region, shoppers are spoilt for choice. Apart from retail therapy, there’s a good deal of cardio workout too that you’ll receive when navigating your way through these mega-malls.

This week, it was announced that Dubai is set to get a brand-new mall called the Deira Mall. The $1.6 billion (Dhs4.2 billion) project will be undertaken by Nakheel and is one of the highest-value construction contracts awarded for a single project recently. Construction will begin within the next few weeks in Q1 itself, and will be completed by 2021.Deira Mall DubaiThe mall will have over 1,000 shops, cafes, entertainment and restaurant outlets spread across 4.5 million square feet. To accommodate the influx of visitors, it will also have 3.8 million square feet multi-storey car park that can accommodate 8,400 vehicles. The party piece of the mall will be a retractable glass roof that will allow natural sunlight in, and will also be kept open during the cooler months.

Deira Mall is the main attraction within Deira Central, a nine-million mixed-use community within the Deira Islands. Deira Central will in addition to the mall also contain 50 residential towers and hotels, mosques, retail and fitness facilities.Deira Mall DubaiAlso on the Deira Islands, Nakheel Malls is constructing the Deira Islands Night Souk which will be the world’s largest night market, set to open later this year. It will contain 5,300 shops and 1,000 cafes and restaurants.

The new Deira Mall and the Deira Islands Night Souk mall along with the hyper-developed community around it will transform the area traditionally referred to as “Old Dubai” into a world-class tourist destination that’ll attract tens of thousands tourists each year.