Mr Fox is an independent organisation that creates 100% natural and handmade potions and elixirs for the mind and body. Vincent Bruno aka Mr Fox tells us the story behind the brand, how his products are created, and how his intuition led him to creating it.

When did you decide to move to the UAE?
I’m from Belgium and have a degree in cinema. I worked for 10 years in the TV/Movie industry as a freelance director/editor. In 2013, I decided to change my life, I left Belgium and the audiovisual world to move to Bali, where I lived for 2 years to do freediving. And then it was life, love and the universe that brought me to Dubai, where I live for more than 2 years now.

How did your interest in oils develop into a business?
I had no idea what to do in a big city like Dubai when I arrived, especially after two years of living in Bali. I wanted to do something that was still rooted in nature – working in a corporate just isn’t in my DNA!

I have been using essential oil for myself for over than 10 years now, healing myself from all sorts of ailments by making mixes for myself and friends, so I know the awesome ability of nature to heal us. That’s where the idea of creating my own brand and making blends for others came into my mind.

How are the oils and elixirs created?
Mr Fox is a mix of my talents and passion, with a great touch and faith and intuition. I have studied a lot about the properties of the different essential oils, their combination, effects, and dosages, but it was new to me to make that very powerful mix to smell great. I am a firm believer that when opportunity meets passion and intuition the universe gives a gentle push, and that was my case. I truly wanted to help, support people to improve their daily lives and how they feel throughout the day, especially after being two years in Bali and seeing the difference, living in the city can be detrimental to our well-being.

How long has it been operating?
Mr Fox was launched in August 2015.

Are your products made in the UAE?
Yes, all the products are handmade in the UAE. My little Atelier is based in Barsha South, It’s where I keep absolutely all the process in the most artisanal way possible, no machines are involved, no cooking, and no processing. I personally make all the mixes, therefore I am 100% sure that everything that leaves the factory is according to standards.

What have been your major challenges till date?
Anyone that has a small business and wants to start up will face many challenges, especially if the products are made here, from bureaucracy, lack of information on how to do things properly, and having to invest a considerable amount of cash. Another thing is being your own boss can also be a bit tricky. The only person you can blame when things go wrong is yourself. I’m doing everything by myself and it’s not only creating the recipes but also designing the labels, printing them, doing the mixes, bottling it, dealing with suppliers, marketing, managing the online shop, and selling to the markets. Being a one-person show is not so easy everyday, it takes a lot of energy and of course most of my time.

Where do you see your brand in five years?
I’m not a planner, I tend to go with the flow. I trust that Mr Fox will be where it needs to be in five years. For me, it is crucial that my brand expands organically and in a way that these values never change: Natural, Fair, Eco-friendly, Healthy, Creative, and Independent.

Where can consumers buy your product?
On our online shop They can also get it in different retails/concept stores in the UAE like S*uce, Yapparel, and Greenheart. I’ve recently partnered with some yoga studios like Urban Yoga, Inspire Yoga, and Zen Yoga so they can get it there too.