We checked-in to review the Rhythm of Love (Roses and Love Caress body scrub and Luban Herbal Harmony massage) experience

The scent of Frankincense takes me right back to my childhood home, where my mother burnt it in an incense pot every Friday to bless the space. Stepping into Luban gave me instant nostalgia, with the airy, all-white spa opening all senses.

The Spa focuses on treatments using frankincense from Oman, where it is sourced from, helping your body and skin heal from within. The tranquil treatment rooms are located upstairs, taking you through a stairway lit with candles and flowers, creating that relaxed-back vibe from the start.

Luban spa

The treatment I chose was a Valentine’s special, one women would love to receive as a gift – take note, men – or pamper themselves with before a big night out. Warm sandalwood essential oil was massaged onto my skin, prepping it for the salt and dried-rose powder sprinkled on soon after. Skin is exfoliated vigorously for 60 minutes, sloughing off dried skin cells on literally every body part – you can avoid any areas you wish too. This body scrub isn’t for the frail, you have been warned. But, it’s a great kind of exfoliation. The type that’s tricky to do by yourself at home, without making a mess. And one you absolutely need before you hit the beach or pool to tan, and more importantly, because it’s winter and if your skin is anything like mine, it’s parched, patchy and hidden behind pantyhose. A quick rinse at the in-room shower, and back to the bed it is, for the hour-long massage.

Luban spa

A blend of traditional healing herbs are wrapped in a heated linen pouch, tapped and rolled onto the skin gently to remove tight knots on the back, neck and shoulder area, while relieving stress with long and short strokes. The aroma once again revitalises, after which you go into a light snooze as your body is massaged all over. I was asked to let the oils soak in for a few hours, and felt my body was incredibly soft, clean – my skin appeared a shade lighter – and moisturised. All aching muscles felt light and flexible enough for me to head to an acrobats’ class straight after. I drove home and crawled right into bed. As you would, right?

Need to know: The two-hour package is available for Dhs600. Contact: +971 4 346 0000