The launch of this designer collection for the 2018 FIFA World Cup may be the most coveted one at the moment

This season, Louis Vuitton has taken inspiration from the original 1970 FIFA World Cup, launching a leather capsule collection featuring two of the brands most renowned designs: Keepall and Apollo.

The Apollo, available in three colours: red, black and blue, features a pattern similar to those found on footballs. The hexagonal arrangement is created using the company’s legendary Epi leather, where it undergoes a three-stage embossing procedure creating an ultra-luxe texture. Our favourite from the collection is the ‘Made to order’ Keepall which features offers a varied colour scheme, patterns and trims. Create your own mix of the teams and countries you support by combining almost any national flag colour scheme. Leather accessories like luggage tags, wallets and computer covers will complete the look of your latest purchase, so go ahead and grab one to customise it in your national flag colour.

Don’t wait too long, as the exclusive range is available until the 15thof July 2018. Grab yours before the season ends. Place your order here –