The Land Rover Explore is a hard-wearing device that can take anything you throw its way

Land Rover makes some of the world’s toughest SUVs. They can climb mountains, wade rivers, roll in the sand and work their way out of a mud-pit without breaking a sweat – and still look the part.

Now though the British carmaker has introduced its own tough-as-nails mobile phone called the Land Rover Explore smartphone at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this week. The Land Rover Explore phone operates on an Android system, the Nougat which is the seventh edition of the Android OS (though we’re not sure why it isn’t touting Oreo). The 4,000mAh battery will give this device a 48-hour power reserve – reportedly four times better than an iPhone 8. If you need to bump up the battery life even more, opt for the Adventure Pack that includes an additional 3,600mAh battery and a steel carabiner to hook up the phone to your safety belt. The Adventure Pack also allows for more accurate GPS positioning through a 25mm X 25mm ceramic patch antenna which is built into the case.Land Rover Explore smartphoneThe Land Rover Explore phones are built to withstand weather extremes from searing heat in deserts to sub-zero temperatures at the poles. It is completely waterproof, and saltwater proof too just in case you forget to find yourself in a situation where you’re fighting for survival in the middle of the sea. Of course, you’ll have to stay near the surface though as it is waterproof only up to a depth of 1.8 metres. You can operate the touchscreen of your phone which has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage with your gloves on.

Each phone will also have a Land Rover-approved screen protector, a special case and a GPS mapping program to help pinpoint your exact location. The phone has a 16Mp rear camera and an 8Mp front camera, besides its own compass and SOS light. There’s a red filter mode built-into the Land Rover Explore too which aids in night vision. Apart from an Adventure Pack, you can also opt for the Bike Pack that allows you to mount the phone on the stem or handle of your bike.

Land Rover Explore smartphone

At around $840 (including the Adventure Pack), it isn’t cheap. But as a survival tool that could see you through a life-threatening situation, it’s well worth the price. The phone will go on sale this April in its home market of the UK followed by a global rollout. We have a feeling that Bear Grylls would be queuing up to get one.