Jessica Biel touches upon some consequences of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, her latest projects and how time waits for no one

The stunning American actress Jessica Biel, has been in the spotlight ever since she made her breakthrough with the family-drama series 7th Heaven. We’ve seen her grow in front of our eyes, taking on roles in The Illusionist, The A Team, Hitchcock and most recently on the Netflix drama The Sinner. Here Samantha Reyes talks about her latest show, the Weinstein scandal and upcoming projects.

I have seen the first episode of The Sinner, and it’s incredibly interesting and intriguing and unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance yet to see the other episodes but I must say, it’s certainly sparked my curiosity because you are thinking, where can this story go, how can it develop and how can this character develop and unfold? So, I would like to start with that, with you…

Well, I was interested in the unreliable narrator. And that is who this person is. She cannot be trusted sometimes, and can’t even trust her own memory. What she thinks is true, turns out to not be true. And doesn’t know what is real and what isn’t. So that is what initially struck me as very intriguing and compelling. We developed this character through the traumas of her past and how she became who she is today and why she doesn’t know some of these things that happened to her, and even why she thinks something is one way and comes to find that it’s a different way in reality. So, we spent a long time trying to create this person who you cannot trust, but who you like and can relate to in some way and who is not a monster, even though she commits a heinous crime, and is maybe someone that you are rooting for. I think that is a very challenging combination of elements and seems like something I would be interested in sinking my teeth in a little bit.

So, we are talking about a series that might have another season, or does it have a beginning or an end?

We initially really thought about it as a limited series even though the way we leave it is slightly abrupt, we answer all the questions and close out the case, my story at the end of Season One. But with Bill Pullman’s character, we leave it a little sort of ambiguous as to how does he move on and how does he continue if we were going to continue this series? And we have not gotten an official Season Two pickup yet, but we have been talking a little bit about what that would look like and still trying to put the pieces and what that is and how, if at all, I am involved. Because if you do ever see it, we conclude the story. So, we would have to work out the details and figure out how my character returns…

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