Introducing the Future-Type Concept

From nearly going belly up a few years ago, Jaguar Land Rover’s turnaround story is remarkable. Today, JLR is a rip-roaring success. It recently announced that by 2020, there will be an electric or hybrid version of every single car that it manufactures – an electric F-Type, anyone?

But JLR won’t stop there. At last week’s Tech Fest, the ambitious British carmaker, owned by Tata, unveiled a concept of what it believes a Jaguar will look like in 2040. And the future sure looks great.

Jaguar Future-Type Concept

The voice-activated steering wheel, called Sayer, will act as a lifestyle assistant

The Future-Type Concept car – more accurately described as a pod – is an autonomous driving machine that has an integrated AI system to help coordinate your life. The party piece of the car is the steering wheel, which Jaguar has christened Sayer. In Jaguar’s vision of 2040, you don’t necessarily own a Future-Type car (although you could if you want to) – there will be a fleet of them running around town in Uberesque-stye and available for you on demand. You summon for one using the voice-activated Sayer. The steering wheel can be mounted into the machine that pulls into your driveway.

Sayer also doubles up as a personal assistant and will be linked to your electronic gadgets such as your refrigerator – it could notice that you’re running low on milk and eggs and autonomously place an order for them to be delivered to your home.

Jaguar Future-Type Concept

Arguably, the car of the 2040s will be more of a lifestyle assistant rather than just an everyday runabout. If you fancy an old-fashioned go at driving yourself, Sayer will also suggest which route is the best one to take for you to enjoy your driving experience when you go into self-driving mode. When the traffic gets thick, Sayer will offer to take over the chore of driving from you until it finds the next open stretch of road for you to take over the wheel once again.

While Jaguar has said that the interiors will have a 2+1 seating configuration, it hasn’t yet revealed what engine it hopes to fit into this all-electric car. It’s worth holding out for another few decades until we’re let in on that secret. There’s enough trickling out of JLR’s stables to keep us thoroughly entertained until then.