The E-Type Zero brings tomorrow’s technology to yesterday’s machines

The Jaguar E-Type is one of the most gorgeous cars ever manufactured. Don’t take our word for it. It was Enzo Ferrari who famously quipped that he thought that the Jaguar E-Type was “the most beautiful car ever made”. Over five decades after the famous Series 1 production of the Jaguar E-Type made its debut, they’re still highly coveted within the classic car collector’s circles.

Jaguar E-Type Zero

While you’d imagine that Jaguar wouldn’t mess with an icon, the British carmaker isn’t one to back away from a challenge. Apart from unveiling a wildly futuristic concept of what it imagines its cars would look like in 2040, Jaguar is also angling for retro cool by unveiling this all-electric version of the E-Type that is aptly called the Jaguar E-Type Zero.

Jaguar Land Rover said earlier this year that starting from 2020, all its cars will be offered only in hybrid or all-electric variants. The days of fuel-burning icecap-melting combustion engine fun are numbered. This E-Type Zero is in line with those plans to electrify its entire lineup in the next three years.

Jaguar E-Type Zero

A prototype of the electric model took a regular E-Type and retrofitted it with an electric unit as well as carried out subtle upgrades on it. In a surprise move, the team didn’t have to alter the chassis or suspension of the E-Type during the process. The 4.2-litre straight six combustion engine has been switched up with a lithium-ion battery pack. The 220Kw motor powers this car from 0-100kph in 5.5 seconds – about a second quicker than a combustion-engine fitted E-Type would do. The electric unit also means that the car is now 46kgs lighter.

With a range of 270km on a full charge, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of the highway. The cosmetic upgrades to the car include a digital speedometer that replaces the analogue one, headlights that now include LEDs and a redesigned centre console and dashboard that uses plenty of carbon fibre. Thankfully, the wooden steering wheel remains. No price has been revealed yet, and there’s no word on its availability either. For now, the car is a proof-of-concept and a statement piece to peacock the confidence that the brand has on making a successful transition to electric cars in the very near future.

Wonder what Enzo Ferrari would make of the Jaguar E-Type Zero if he were still around.

Jaguar E-Type Zero