Say hello to the world’s thinnest mechanical watch

Piaget has singularly focused on creating some of the world’s thinnest watches. Three years ago, it debuted the Piaget Altiplano Chronograph which broke two records for Piaget – it was the first ultra-thin manual winding chronograph watch for Piaget and the first ultra-thin watch with a major complication for the Swiss brand. Might we remind you that only a year before that it debuted the Altiplano 900P, the world’s thinnest mechanical watch.

The Calibre 9P which Piaget created in 1957 is what set in motion decades of a wholly-fulfilling pursuit for the brand to strive to create ultra-thin watches. At this year’s Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie exhibition in Geneva, arguably the world’s most prestigious watch exhibition, Piaget dropped one of their biggest superstars to date – the all-new Altiplano Ultimate Concept Watch.

The Ultimate Concept watch is now the officially the world’s thinnest mechanical manual-winding wristwatch. The watch, including the movement and the case, is just 2mm thick – turn it on its side and it disappears. Its predecessor, the 900P, was 3.65mm thick. Shaving off that 1.65mm in real-world terms is like Justin Gatlin managing to better his 100-metre sprint timing by 5 seconds.

This watch, officially referred to as the 910P: Altiplano Ultimo Concept, is so thin that there is no separate movement plate and caseback – here the caseback itself doubles up as the movement plate. Though this sort of approach to watchmaking was pioneered by Audemars Piguet in the Eighties, Piaget is the only brand that has continued to innovate with this approach and implement it in its watches.

Piaget has had to re-engineer the mechanics of its watches. This revolutionary timepiece has no balance cock, jewels for the balance staff, or shock-absorbing system and the crown is flat and recessed into the case. Piaget has registered for five patents on this watch alone. The crystal covering the movement-caseback is only 0.2mm thick so you’d do well to be a little extra-cautious when handling this timepiece.

The only gripe we have with this watch is that at this stage it’s still a concept and not for sale. But, it’s unlikely that will be the case for much longer.  Once the watch goes on sale, this 41mm timepiece with a cobalt case and straps made from a mix of alligator leather and Kevlar has a 44-hour power reserve and water resistant to 30 metres. Though we’d suggest that you reserve this watch only for your finest tux and not your wetsuit.