Although this latest creation from Hi-powered Cycles has the vibe of a dirt bike, it is more accurately described as an electrically-assisted pedal bicycle.

The suspension is custom-tuned to your weight. There are up to eight-inches of travel on those rugged DVO front forks. You can have the bike fitted with either a 6,000w- or a 7,000w-motor, generating up to 160Nm of torque and a top speed of 42mph. There are also Magura hydraulic disc brakes to rein in that speed. The lithium-ion battery gives the bike a range of 100 miles, though if you’re going to be riding at an average of 18mph, you’d get a range of 70 miles. To extend the range, HPC also gives you the option to install an 1800- and 2,400-watt-hour battery.

$11,500 (Dhs42,200) at