Get ready to take a 400-megapixel image 

When Hasselblad debuted a spectacular 200megapixel camera a few years ago, we were sure it had peaked. But we’re happy to report that the Gothenburg-headquartered company which been in the business for nearly 180 years proved us wrong. This new H6D is a whopping 400megapixel camera. The MS you see in its name refers to its Multi-Shot technology. What it does is takes four 100-megapixel images, shifting the sensor by one pixel for each shot, and two more images that shift the sensor by half a pixel. It then stitches together these images to deliver a 400megapixel (23200 x 17400 pixel) TIFF file that weighs a titanic 2.4GB.

$48,000 (176,000) at