A look at the largest model from Ferretti, the Pershing 140

Ferretti Group has long been one of the pioneers in design and construction within the motor yacht retail industry. By combining Italian craftsmanship with centuries-old yachting traditions, the Group – established in 1968 – have managed to expand to over 80 countries, providing cutting-edge technological solutions with leisure boating options.

Some of these include boats such as the flybridge, runabout, open, coupé, lobster boats, maxi and superyachts.

Ferretti Pershing 140

The latest launch from the group features the largest and most anticipated one yet, the all-aluminium Pershing 140. Created in partnership with architect Fulvio De Simoni, who boasts a nautical culture and fervency towards aquatic vessels, the yacht will be the first in the company’s 32-year history to be built in Ancona, where most of the fleet’s production currently takes place.

The sea vessel’s interiors possess clean, neat structures and lines with a monochrome scheme, while pops of colour are noticeable through oceanic-themed accessories.

Ferretti Pershing 140

Those who can’t wait to get their hands on the yacht will be delighted to know that recent stages of work saw the outfitting and on-board installation of the superstructure blocks. Meanwhile, in late September, further activity focused on the hull and superstructure assembly. The yacht will also see the outfitting of the engine room, technical systems and interiors.

Yacht enthusiasts will get a thrill from knowing that the Pershing 140 will be equipped with four MTU M96L 16V 2000 engines, each generating 2,600 Mhp, propelling it at a maximum speed of 38 knots at the trial load – this, however, is preliminary data.

More details on ferettigroup.com

Ferretti Pershing 140