Prepare for lift-off

It’s no secret that the Dubai Police fleet of patrol cars include a selection of some of the world’s finest supercars. A BMW i8, a Bugatti Veyron, an Aston Martin One-77, a Ferrari FF and a host of other beauties can be seen cruising around Dubai’s tony downtown districts of Citywalk and Dubai Mall.

Beyond mere optics, the force is also on a path of radical modernization. This includes developing a special combat force that can break up riots and also inducting cutting-edge technology to keep the city’s streets safe. In June, the police signed a deal with Singapore’s OTSAW Digital to develop and deploy autonomous mini police cars kitted with 360-degree cameras and biometric scanning devices that can be used for patrols by the year-end.  In September, the Police announced that they would start using drones that would use 4k technology to send high-res live feeds of traffic events across the emirate and relay that information to a command room.

At the recently concluded Gitex Technology Week, the Dubai Police showcased several bleeding-edge technology capabilities like a glove which can be worn by someone communicating in sign language. The gestures are converted into Arabic words that appear on a computer screen. But there’s one more device that the police introduced which has received rave reviews: the flying motorbikes.

The hoverbike take-off vertically and can fly at a height of up to five metres above the ground. It has a top speed of 70kph and a range of six kilometres. It can be configured to fly autonomously and controlled remotely, or a policeman can be mounted on it and transported to intervene in incidents that require an officer to be present on the scene. With a police officer aboard, it can fly for upto 25 minutes at a stretch.

Dubai police hoverbike

The flying bike is being touted as a major bonus to respond to situations where the access roads are blocked by traffic. Watch the video to see the new hoverbike dressed in full Dubai-police livery in action in the city. The future is here.