House 99 is a collaboration with L’Oréal and builds on Brand Beckham

It’s been nearly five years since Beckham quit professional football, but he’s still raking in the money. With an estimated net worth of $450 million, Beckham is a savvy businessman. Much of that money is generated from his carefully curated image, one that’s spawned a tabloid-driven love for the cult of the metrosexual that Beckham pulled off without breaking a sweat in the Nineties and Noughties.

It seems only natural that Beckham has made a continued and even more determined push to further cash in on his image. Earlier this month, he launched House 99, a men’s line of grooming products that he is the face of, but more importantly a part owner of too.

Why 99? According to an interview with GQ, Beckham says that 1999 brings back some of his best memories including his marriage to Victoria and the arrival of his firstborn, Brooklyn. The 1998-99 season was also when Manchester United which he was a part of won “The Treble” – the FA Cup, UEFA Champions League and the Premier League, becoming the first club ever to achieve that feat.House 99 David BeckhamDon’t expect run-of-the-mill grooming products from the 42-year-old former England No. 7. With House 99, it’s grooming products with a twist. We’re referring to a tattoo moisturizer (one that the tattooed-to-the-knuckle Beckham certainly needs) and also a three-in-one beard purifier.

Beckham’s hands-on approach meant he gave the brand its creative direction by visiting Paris and getting very involved in the creation of products right down to the texture and smell. Reportedly, the grooming products are rich in two superfoods namely quinoa and spirulina which are packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants.

There are a total of 21 grooming products for men which are a part of the collection and its production has been a collaboration with L’Oréal. Most the products are priced below $30, a deliberate strategy by Beckham who will is involved with the commercial side of the business to keep the products accessible to the majority of his fans. Not that he’s going to have to try too hard to convince them.  When we last checked, Brand Beckham was in rude health.