Fragrances can leave long-lasting memories, but Alexandre J’s creations are more than just a great scent, or “juice” as they like to call it

Each bottle is a piece of art with the entire process, from conceptualisation to manufacturing, taking anywhere between a few months to years to create. Couer Rouge Rubis, the latest in the collection, is a red heart-shaped crystal bottle showcasing 21 carats gold, rubies and diamonds. Presented in a stunning wooden jewellery box, the piece is a striking vanity accessory and definitely not to be carried around in your purse. Since only one piece of the Couer Rouge Rubis has been created, clients are treated to a bespoke fragrance service upon purchasing the bottle. Alexandre J’s expert team will fly down from Paris to customise a scent according to your fragrance preference, hobbies, top travel destinations, personality type, and even your favourite cuisine. If you’re looking for an Eid gift for your loved one, you can’t go wrong with this limited edition Alexandre J masterpiece.

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