Heading over to the Downtown Dubai to be as close as possible to the Burj Khalifa for the New Year countdown is a Dubai institution. The first time I made the haul was back in 2010. Still in college at the time, I chose the cheapest option available to get a glimpse of the New Year fireworks: Dubai Mall. Thing is, I made the trip with my cousins, one of whom was a six-year-old. Long story short, thanks to her tantrums after seeing the throng of people shoving their way past her, I didn’t get to see the fireworks. To make matters worse, the ensuing traffic only saw us get back home at four in the morning. Wailing kids are the worst.

I haven’t been anywhere near Downtown Dubai on New Year’s Eve since. Now I choose to go to house parties and wither live stream the fireworks or catch the video on YouTube later like a proper millennial.

This year, the organisers behind the Burj Khalifa firework spectacle decided to shake things up with a laser and light show instead of fireworks. In a statement to Gulf News, Brigadier Abdullah Ali Al Ghaith, director of the general department of organisations, said, “Lasers are safer than fireworks. The New Year’s Eve lasers have been places all over Dubai. The aim is to facilitate all simple traffic and ensure flow.”

Those of you who missed the 10-minute world record laser and light show live in action have a chance to see what the hullabaloo is all about. On Monday, Downtown Dubai’s official Twitter account confirmed that new sessions have been lined up at Downtown Dubai, until January 6, 2018. Don’t miss out on the opportunity this time.