Here’s why you will love this ice-cream brand even more. Plan your stop in London

The non-profit organisation, Poseidon Foundation, is a blockchain platform that tackles the issue of global warming and climate change by capacitating consumers to measure their own carbon footprint. Poseidon Foundation has collaborated with Ben & Jerry’s to launch the first-ever digital retail platform by connecting consumers to their own carbon footprint.

The technology operates using the Stellar open source network, blockchain platform. Founded in 2014, Stellar enables the building of low-cost financial products using crypto technology. Ben & Jerry’s stands as the appropriate prospect for partnership, as they are widely recognized for the various social causes – GMO, Racial Justice, Fairtrade, amongst others – they endorse.

The manner in which it works is; when a product is purchased by an individual, the block-chain technology processes carbon credits and as a result, the environmental impact is evaluated and exhibited to the consumer. Moreover, the consumer can then decide on whether to purchase the item or not, based on the carbon footprint it creates. Remarkable!

The beneficial aspects include the ability to acquire control over your own carbon footprint so that you are aware of the impact of your purchase. Secondly, the responsibility of creating a positive or a negative impact is shared with the retailer.

London’s market will witness the commencement of the project. The blockchain technology will be integrated at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop in London. The pilot will serve as a means to assist and aid a forest conservation in Peru. Furthermore, consumers will be granted the opportunity to contribute to the cause.

The Poseidon Foundation have envisioned the reduction of carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2020. The main goal is to raise awareness so that every individual can help create a small change that will stop climate change. Let’s start with making small changes wherever and whenever possible.