Introducing the Cake Kalk Electric bike

Swedish electric start-up CAKE is ready to kick up some dirt in the offroad-biking world. This firecracker KALK Electric Bike weighs less than 70kgs and has a top speed of 80kph. The 15Kw mid motor is powered by a 51.8 volt 50 Ah lithium-ion battery that gives the bike a range of 80km. Every single component of the bike, many of which are fabricated from carbon fibre and CNC-machined alloy components, is developed from scratch to meet safety standards.

There are special solar panels from CAKE that will allow you to charge your bike, although you can plug it into conventional sockets as well. Deliveries of the bike will commence in mid-2018, and all of them will be numbered and signed making each one a unique piece.

$14,000 (Dhs51,500) at