The world of TED and Ted Talks are brimming with motivational ideas. The platform is built with startup solutions, self-help and plenty of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Here are a few Ted talks to inspire:

1. In Praise of Conflict by Jonathan Marks

This thoughtful video session deals with destruction of ecosystems and countries through war, migration patterns and several other major issues, which can be solved by timely and correct government intervention.

2. How to Buy Happiness by Michael Norton

An inspiring and eye-opening audiovisual as to how one can really buy happiness by not being selfish, but by paying it forward and indulging in some do-good social moves.

3. 5 Ways to Lead in An Era of Constant Change by Jim Hemerling

Organisational change expert Jim Hemerling challenges the norms of rigid and boring changes in the corporate world and seeks out to make change as empowering and fun as possible for the employers and employees.

4. How to Run a Company with Almost No Rules by Ricardo Semler

CEO par excellence Richard Semler is an advocate of corporate democracy who seeks to instill wisdom and deep thinking in companies and employees to achieve a work-life balance.

5. The Future of Money by Neha Narula

Neha Narula Research Director of the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab, explains the radical idea of electronic money like BitCoin in terms of how it would replace financial institutions and paint the future drastically.