For those wondering, the UAE ranked fourth

Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa, which celebrated its eighth anniversary this year and will continue its laser and light show until March 31, will eventually pass that title on to the Dubai Creek Tower. Until that time comes, however, the Burj Khalifa will continue to reign supreme as the tallest in the world.

Despite the constant push for reaching (literally) greater heights, UAE is only ranked fourth in terms of skyscrapers globally. According to research conducted by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), Dubai is home to 95 towers reaching 200 metres or taller by the end of 2017, with the tallest tower to be completed last year being the 101-storey hotel and residential development, Marina 101. Incidentally, the Marina tower is the second tallest building in Dubai, the third tallest in the Middle East and the 18th tallest building globally.

Last year, was a record year for skyscraper completions in the world. According to the CTBUH report, the world completed a staggering 144 buildings measuring 200 metres or taller. It makes 2017 the fourth consecutive year in which the record for towers completions has been broken, with as few as 74 being completed in 2013. This year is a record breaker for geographical diversity too, with new skyscrapers built in a total of 69 cities and 23 countries. Having said that, the CTBUH estimates that the world will outdo its 2017 accomplishment by completing about 160 skyscrapers measuring at least 200 metres in height in 2018.

Countries with the most skyscrapers

  1. China

Skyscraper count: 1,651

  1. United States of America

Skyscraper count:  737

  1. Japan

Skyscraper count: 240

  1. United Arab Emirates

Skyscraper count: 226

  1. South Korea

Skyscraper count: 214

  1. Australia

Skyscraper count: 100

  1. Canada

Skyscraper count: 91

  1. Singapore

Skyscraper count: 84

  1. Indonesia

Skyscraper count: 83

  1. Philippines

Skyscraper count: 78